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Healthy Breakfast: Pancakes V/s Waffles

When looking for a healthy breakfast, there are an abundance of options on the market. Two of the most common breakfast items are pancakes and waffles. Depending on how each of these items are prepared, they can both deliver health benefits. Regarding each of these items, moderation and portion size is essential to ensure a healthy breakfast. This article will compare pancakes and waffles and determine which one is the healthier breakfast option.

If you are looking forward to have a healthy breakfast, there are multiple choices one can have. The two most common breakfast items are waffles and pancakes. Considering how each of these items is prepared, we can get a clear judgement of which is healthier. Its moderation and portion size is essential to ensure a healthy breakfast considering each of these items. We will take a brief look on which of these items is healthier.


Pancakes are made from a batter and cooked on a skillet or griddle. Pancakes typically are thin and flat. Pancakes need to be flipped to ensure both sides are cooked properly.

The pancakes are cooked on a skillet or griddle. They are made from a batter, and are generally thin and flat. The pancakes are cooked from both sides and it is necessary to flip them after one side is cooked.

Health Benefits after eating Pancakes:

Protein and calcium is provided from milk, which is used in the batter of making a pancake. If eggs are included they provide additional protein. Generally, the benefits increase if the pancake is made from whole-wheat or buckwheat flour. Hence, pancakes have too many health benefits including rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and also minerals. By using whole wheat pancakes, one feels fuller for a long time due to its additional fiber. By adding flaxseeds, a pancake is made healthier and more satisfying. An average pancake consists of approximately 175 calories.


Waffles are prepared from a batter of flour, eggs, butter, milk and baking powder. The milk helps to increase protein and calcium intake, whereas, eggs provide additional protein if they are added. Sugar and butter have their own health benefits. All carbohydrates are converted into glucose during digestion, which is sugar. Butter if taken in a limited quantity is beneficial to the health too, it is used to raise your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol. The baking powder helps to give a fluffy texture to the waffle. They are available in different shapes and sizes. They are cooked on waffle iron, which creates many pockets or indentions throughout the dough. A waffle is cooked from both the sides at the same time.

Health Benefits after eating Waffles:

A Waffle and a pancake are made from a similar batter and thus they have similar health benefits. To increase waffle’s nutritional value it can be made from whole grain flour. The other option to increase its nutritional value is by utilizing egg whites instead of whole eggs. This helps to reduce fat, cholesterol and caloric value. By adding different fruits like bananas, strawberries, berries, etc. and dry fruits or seeds increases the nutritional value. It also increases healthy fats, vitamins, fiber and minerals. An average waffle consists of approximately 220 calories.

Which is healthier ?

A pancake or a waffle both are made from similar batters but the nutritional value in a waffle is more than a pancake. It helps to keep our stomach fuller for a longer time. With multiple choices of fruits and dry fruits the nutritional value increases with its protein value. Both contain syrup, butter, cream, sauces and sugar. Though the calorie contain in waffle is more than a pancake but the nutritional value of a waffle is more. By using light syrup, less butter and sugar with proper fruits and dry fruits a waffle becomes a healthier choice to have for a breakfast.